A great, interactive intro to Git

It took me some time to understand revision control, and I searched the web quite a bit for a simple explanation. Github created a great interactive tutorial to explain the general concepts of Git revision control. No only does it teach you about managing a repository, but you also learn the commands to create, push, pull, etc your Git repository. Take a look and try it out

PCB Board + Pictures

Coming back home from Uni I had some time to build version 2 of Pi-Lock. I was thinking: if I need to mass produce these devices, then I can’t solder wires into a prototype board for each unit. I therefore looked into PCBs (printed circuit boards). There are a lot of companies around the world which have a prototype service, and I found a very helpful review of a few services on Ladyada.com. In the end I choose ExpressPCB.com, which provide their own software (windows only, sorry mac users) to design your board. Here is a picture of my design:   After no more than 5 days (3 Business days + the weekend), the PCB boards arrived in a set of 3, with some great craftsmanship. The following two pictures are what the final product looked like. And the final product:

First Pictures of the Pi-Lock V1

I started working on the Pi-Lock the start of summer 2013. Presented with the problem of installing a security system in a factory for a low cost and high efficiency and overall control, I decided to opt for the Raspberry Pi and the infinite IO addons. Here are the first pictures of what it the pi-lock looked like post summer development:   Photo of the side view. The Yellow and white wires are linking the Raspberry’s GPIO pins to the prototype board (purchased from Adafruit), for use with the RFID reader and LEDs.     Here’s a front view of the face of the Pi-Lock. Three LEDs, red, blue and green indicate various statuses, and a simple keypad is stuck on front of the face.