Purchase the Parts

Most parts can be purchased from anywhere on the web. However, if you wish to use the PCB I previously designed, it is important to use the components linked to below.

The Basics
Component Description Price
Raspberry Pi You can buy a raspberry pi here $25
Power Cord Power your RPI from the mains with a 5V micro USB outlet $5
Wi-Fi Dongle Connect your RPI to a Wi-Fi network using here $10

The Components
Component Description Price
RFID Module The 125Khz module is a cheap and small RFID reader with a detachable antenna $13
LEDs BlueRed and Green LED light is to indicate idleness, access granted or denied $2
PIN Keypad A simple 1×4 Keypad $5
Door Strike A 12V Door Strike to open and close the door $10
Relay Purchase any 5V relay which has GND, IN and PWR IOs $10

The Extras
Component Description Price
Custom PCB Board Pi-Lock has its own custom printed PCB.  $10 – $30
Speaker If you want an alarm to ring, you can purchase a small speaker $5